Look 31

R13 Skinny Black Styling 15

r13 jeanshoodie//acne t shirt//adidas sneakers//blk dnm vest

my style is slowly shifting from an all black cobain to lisbeth salander lately. meaning in fit and layering of heavy duty outerwear more than the whole underground punk vibe. can’t do the boots or all the spiky hot topic type jewelry. which brings me to vests. i have been obsessing over oversized moto vests lately and even denim ones layered over hoodies. i told myself that i would not like a denim vest or vests in general, but an oversized one layered over a hoodie has really gotten around to me. the silhouette alone just has me thinking about it all day

Look 28

R13 Carpenter Jeans Styling 3

r13 jeansdenim shirt//celine shirt//adidas sneakers//thp cuffs

these jeans have become a new obsession of mine. true to denim with the lack of stretch, they are ones that give you a reason to size up and wear them slouchy. then when slouchy jeans are involved, a masculine sneaker comes to mind and the stan smiths are the preferred choice for this look here. not a sneaker head and actually didn’t know they were discontinued and brought back this year, but i could not be any happier about it because they are one of the sickest shoes that adidas ever designed. perfect with anything celine or celine-ish (philo is a fan herself). so tie the denim shirt around the waist to finish that borrowed from the boys oversized look

The Sports Authority

Rodarte Football Jersey Black

a couple of pieces that i have meaning to post about and since i have some free time (see previous post), i finally remembered to write about them. i want this to be my summer staple and still think rodarte killed it with that collection by keeping the feeling authentic east la. if they come out with some basketball jerseys, i will probably not be able to contain myself. now back to the live feed

Rodarte Football Jersey White

Look 27

R13 Leather Chaps Black Styling 9

r13 jeanst shirt//saint laurent boots//raen sunglasses//the row backpack

coachella is this weekend and i’m missing it this year. but here is my take on what coachella should look like. not into that whole tribal, hipster borderline costume thing that goes on every year. leather might scare people with the hot weather, but ironically it keeps you cooler than any pair of jeans or shorts and this is by personal experience. wore them last year and got asked “what the fuck is wrong with you?” but my legs weren’t burning so i could care less

Look 25

R13 Carpenter Jeans Styling 1

r13 jeans//alexander wang sweater//timberland boots//vintage givenchy chains

not the biggest fan of overalls, but i am all for carpenter jeans to make their comeback. donned all through my elementary years in the ’90s and of course when things come back, they are better. got a bit inspired by rihanna with this look here. can totally see her wearing them just like this with some timbs and a bevy of chains around her neck and wrists. girl loves her slouchy jeans with her timbs.

Look 24

R13 Skinny Worn Black Styling 2

r13 jeans//acne t shirt//new era hat//basquiat sweater//balenciaga boots

grey and red is my new thing right now. wearing it today actually, but not in the form of this sweater paired with the jeans. how can someone replicate it? or more likely…how can i get my hands on it? but i really shouldn’t have it in my possession because this is an art piece that is not to be worn but framed and knowing myself (hopefully very well) i will wear it and be the usual klutz then destroy it. just stay in a museum dear sweater

Look 23

R13 Vedder Shorts Styling 1

r13 shorts//saint laurent boots//jennifer fisher x stopitrightnow jewelry//current/elliott shirt

if there is one brand that knows their plaid, it is r13. from the color combo to the actual print itself, they have gotten it right each and every season. i mean, i really shouldn’t be too surprised being that i feel like we run in the same wavelength when it comes to anything that revolves around clothes, the lack of color, the disheveled feel, unique fits are all things that i am all for. then on top of that they keep true to denim and make jeans with front pockets. what more could i ask for